Leif Services is dedicated to connecting people and businesses by installing underground, high-speed internet fibre optic cables across Western Canada. Connecting Canadians is our focus. We pride ourselves on completing fibre installations on time, focusing on environmental sustainability, and respecting the communities we work in. We go above and beyond to make sure we leave a work site better than when we started, looking for opportunities to optimize landscape and support the local communities.

We take a team approach with strict attention to detail, ensuring peace of mind for our clients and the communities we work in is front and center. We demonstrate this with more than a decade of
experience managing complex projects in unforgiving conditions with excellence.


We’re a fibre optics installation services company focused on enhancing broadband connectivity to businesses, institutions and residences in western Canada.


We take pride in delivering excellence, in the skill and professionalism of our installation crews, and in an unwavering commitment to completing every project on time and on budget. We strive to ensure our work reflects industry best practices. Our designs and construction practices leave a positive imprint on communities of every size and location. Our work invites better, more frequent communication among people and organizations and makes it easier for them to participate more fully in today’s digital economy. It’s an important responsibility that keeps us grounded and focused on delivering work of the highest quality.


Our collaboration with Internet Service Providers and municipalities can include consulting at the funding application stage of a project where we add value in many areas:

Project location choices: cost efficiency determinations, environmental conditions, and terrain considerations

Project type discussions – Fixed, Transport, and Mobile

Partnership, joint venture or consortium considerations to clarify roles – who owns, builds and operates the network

In-kind investments such as consultation with communities

Construction (installation) costs

Problem solving for management of network failures (e.g. a fibre cut)

Supporting diversity requirements

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